Wellness Care

Adjustments are great for general health, that’s why you need a Wellness Chiropractor! The correct alignment, and overall health, of your spine, affects the way your body functions because it is the highway for your nerves to send messages from your brain to the rest of your body. This is why it is critical for your spine to be in its correct alignment, so your nervous system can function properly.

Dr. Martin and Dr. Painter strive for their patients to achieve whole body wellness so the body can function at its very best and even heal itself when faced with infection. Every time a chiropractor removes a subluxation from the spine of their patients, the results are felt in other parts of the body simultaneously.

Routine chiropractic is so much more than just treating a patient for a sore back. Chiropractic care can also give a patient:

  • A Better Quality of Life
  • Optimized Health
  • Systemic Benefits (whether or not any symptoms were mentioned before care)
  • Improved Breathing, Digestion and Circulation

Pain Relief Without Prescription Medication

Addiction to prescription medication in the United States is steadily increasing. Chiropractic care is a low risk, safe and all-natural way of helping people find pain relief without the use of prescription medication. Not only will chiropractic care help you avoid putting dangerous medications into your body, but it will also help you achieve overall health and wellness. It is an extremely valuable tool that will help you not only feel well but also be well.

Half Hour To Health

Dr. Martin and Dr. Painter believe periodic adjustments are the key to maintaining wellness. We want to not only help you get healthy but continue to stay healthy. We do this by offering Half Hour To Health workshops on Tuesdays, that we encourage all of our patients to attend.

Routine chiropractic care from a wellness chiropractor will help you continue to live a life of wellness and not let your health interfere. If you are interested in receiving wellness care, pick up the phone and call us NOW! (804) 215-8587