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Martin Chiroptactic was established in 1988

At Martin Chiropractic, we believe in helping the world regain and maintain health from the inside out. This means we help our patients achieve a great quality of life and as they continue to age, not to be reliant on medications to get them through the growing pains we all experience. We believe a family that practices healthy habits will continue to motivate each other to stay healthy together, so don’t be shy, bring the whole fam to see us!

We focus on overall wellness, not just treating pain symptoms. We believe in the power of chiropractic and its ability to help patients prevent injury and illness by keeping the spine free of any misalignments.

When we meet a new patient, we will look at your entire case and let you know if we can help you. If we cannot, we will point you in the right direction to get the help you need. We understand your time is valuable, and we will not put you through tests and treatments if we don’t believe you will gain any benefit from it.

By focusing on wellness care, we will help you achieve overall health that will allow your body to function at its optimal level. We want you to enjoy the life you live, free of illness and/or pain. If you are interested in living your healthiest life, give us a call today to get started! (804) 215-8587


Dr. Jeffrey L. Martin

Dr. Jeffrey L. Martin has been practicing in Midlothian, Virginia since 1988. Dr. Martin has had great success with patients of all ages, from newborn up to those in their mid-90’s. He feels that despite your age, the body can function at its maximum level.

Dr. Seth Painter

Dr. Painter’s expertise includes spinal correction, rehabilitation, and the care of auto and work-related injuries. Dr. Painter utilizes various techniques to help his patients, allowing him to support people of many different age groups get closer to their health goals.

Our Mission
To help the world regain and maintain maximal health from the inside out.

Our Philosophy
The nervous system is the master control of the entire body. Any interference with it is bad. Removing the interference and allowing the body to function properly is good. Chiropractic adjustments help remove this interference and that is GOOD.

Our Vision
To create a true, high-quality health care delivery system for the eastern United States with chiropractic care leading the way.

Our Purpose
To be great examples of natural health and wellness, helping others achieve optimal health through chiropractic care.