New Patients

New Patients

Thanks for considering Martin Chiropractic!

To get started, take a minute to fill out our new patient forms so we can provide you with the care you need. After you have completed the new patient forms, we will begin working with you to live a more functional and healthy life.

What To Expect – First Visit

When you first begin as a new patient with us here at Martin Chiropractic, we will break up your initial appointment into three visits.

Anytime you walk into our office you will feel relaxed and right at home. During your first visit with us, our reception staff will greet you with a smile and, either give you paperwork to fill out or accept the paperwork you have already filled out prior to coming into the office. Once the paperwork is completed, our reception staff will give you a complete tour of our office. The next step is to meet with the doctor and have a consult. We do not charge for a consult, we want to know if we can help you before we begin charging you.

Part of our exam process is taking a thorough history, and performing computerized nerve testing and x-rays. The computerized nerve testing is completely painless and is performed first. The reason for this is because the computerized nerve testing is designed to measure nerve flow to a person’s muscles and their organs. It also tells the doctors where they need to be taking x-rays. The computerized nerve testing takes any guesswork away from where we should be taking x-rays of our patient’s bodies; therefore, allowing us to see the problem right away. Without performing x-rays or nerve testing, the doctors have to rely on guessing what is wrong to resolve the issue. X-rays and computerized nerve testing take the guesswork out of the treatment plan and allow you to heal faster.

Second Visit

On your second visit, we will give you our first report. This means we will show you where any issues are on your computerized nerve testing results; as well as, show any issues we found on your x-rays. We will then explain why those areas exist. After we have gone over our findings with you we will give you your first adjustment.

Third Visit

On your third visit, we will go over our second report. This means we will discuss how we think you will do with our treatment plan after seeing how you adjusted during your second visit with us. We will give you a better and more-detailed game plan to help resolve your pain and reach your other health goals.

We know our patients have lives and spending a lot of time at a doctor’s office is something no one wants to do. This is why we try to limit our patients time in our office to 15 minutes so their day isn’t disrupted too much.

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